Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 4 - Spirits

Come here,” Jesus said as he walked to the window and motioned for Christopher to follow.

Once Christopher arrived, Jesus began. “What do you see?”

A city that cannot compare with any I have seen. The materials used are unknown to me,” he said.

What else do you see?” asked Jesus.

People. As far as I can see there are people.”

What are they doing?”

They appear to be busy, moving from building to building, talking with one another, reading. It seems similar to a university.” Christopher smiled, “but a little cleaner and people who look a little more respectable.”

If you don't believe in an after-life Christopher, then your eyes have just deceived you.”

Are you saying...” Christopher looked at Jesus, “that this is supposed to be heaven?”

In a manner of speaking – however not the heaven that you may be thinking of or that most religions understand it to be. The people you see are spirits who have honorably completed their lives on earth. They have a great work to do. There are billions who didn't know me during their mortal sojourn on earth who need to understand and accept the purpose of life. These people,” said Jesus as he swept his hand across the vast window, “are teachers.”

Christopher was confused and asked, “But anyone they teach are finished with life. Why teach them now – what would be the point?”

You ask because you don't yet understand the purpose of life. Your mortal life is but a short time in the overall plan for mankind. It is a vital part, but short nonetheless. I'll explain later. I just want you to accept that fact that there is life after death. If you cannot accept that, our time spent together will be wasted.”

I can't dispute what I see, although I do have to take your word for it that they are who you say they are.” said Christopher.

Good enough.” said Jesus. “That's called faith and I'll accept that for now.”

You said that this is not heaven, but yet it is a beautiful place. Surely it's not hell.” said Christopher.

No Christopher, it's not hell. It's the spirit world. This is the place where spirits come after death to prepare for the great judgment. The people you see were faithful during their lives. They were good, honest people who believed in me, and who believed in the purpose of life. They are the teachers for those who didn't know me or understand life's purpose. This city you see here is simply a temporary home.”

You said that the people I can see are those who believed – where are those who don't believe? Are they not allowed to come into the city?” asked Christopher.

Nobody is denied access to the city, but they do not feel comfortable here. My presence and the combined presence of these good spirits is too much for them to bear. They congregate together with those whose lives were in common with theirs. Those whose lives were filled with filthiness, tend to gather with others who were filthy. It is not pleasant to see. Although their bodies are laid in the grave, they still have the same desires, habits, and mannerisms that they acquired in their lives. These things are part of their spirit and are carried with them.”

What happens if they don't believe what they are taught – do they go to hell?” asked Christopher.

They create their own hell, so they are already there in a sense. Free agency allows everyone to choose for themselves, whether they want joy or misery. If they misuse the gift of life and abuse their bodies and minds, they destroy their spirits and it's very difficult for them to change. But the choice is theirs.” answered Jesus.

But how can they doubt if they know you are here and know what they can have if they change?” asked Christopher.

It is no different than when they were on earth. They are lost in the fog of disbelief, and refuse to even acknowledge that I am here and that there is anything better than what they have. Many will not believe enough to take the steps necessary to change - and changing is not easy. Had they believed in me and repented when on earth, I would have taken their sins upon me. But after they die they must suffer for their own sins – and it is painful. So they stay with what they have always known and ignore the messengers.” Jesus looked out in the distance with a mournful look. “It pains me to see them, but I cannot violate their free will.”

Christopher looked out as well, trying to imagine the ugliness of the scene. Suddenly he was transported in his mind to that place. Millions of spirits shouting, fighting, trying to recreate sexual acts, all unsuccessfully since their bodies had no mass. It was hideous to witness, and Christopher called out to Jesus to take him away. Immediately his sight returned to the lovely city, and he sighed heavily. “Unimaginable.” is all he could say.

There was silence for several moments. Then Christopher thought about people who were like him – they were not evil doers, they just didn't believe in God. Where are they?

Jesus,” he said – calling him by name for the first time.

Jesus looked down at Christopher and smiled, realizing that his heart was starting to soften. “Yes.”

What about those who lived good lives, but just didn't believe in you?”

Their surrounding is not so bleak. They are in places whey they feel comfortable, whether in academics or living with those they love. But the challenge is still the same – teachers will approach them with the message of life's real purpose, and because they are comfortable, they will not listen. Or they feel that the messengers are not telling the truth and send them away. It's hard to believe isn't it Christopher, that people would be so caught up in their former lives, that they refuse to even believe enough to make the effort to see this beautiful city.”

Christopher was pensive. He knew how that feels – to be entirely engrossed in work, your own thoughts, or the demands of life, that anything contrary to your belief would be discounted immediately. “Is there any hope for them?”

Many will accept. But since they carry the same doubting spirit as when they lived on earth, many will remain as they are, and thus they cannot be rewarded the same reward as those who believe.”

You have mentioned several times about the real purpose of life that these teachers carry to those outside the city. What is this purpose?” asked Christopher.

Do you think you are ready to know?” asked Jesus. “You are in a position now, knowing what you know, that if you are told why man was created, why he is on the earth, and about his full potential, you will be responsible to act upon it. If you do not, you may never be able to come back. For where much is given, much is expected.”

Christopher looked at Jesus, then back out at the beautiful surroundings and all the people preparing to teach the billions who would not believe. Such a small number of people to teach so many. How can it ever be done? Was he ready to understand why man was created? Could he do what was expected of him?

As Christopher's gaze turned back to Jesus he said, “I am a man of my word, and will not agree to something I know I cannot fulfill. Perhaps you should wait.”

Jesus smiled at Christopher, but disappointment showed in his eyes. “You are a good man Christopher, but I will respect your request.”

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  1. What?? Christopher, Christopher, Christopher! I guess the book would have been shorter if he would have found out now, huh?